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Aurora Solar Technologies Inc. develops and markets inline measurement, visualization and control systems for the photovoltaic manufacturing industry. Attaining “Grid Parity” with fossil fuel energy sources is the solar industry’s most urgent and important challenge. In the drive to Grid Parity, our unique products, built into the production lines of solar product manufacturers, rapidly solve the urgent need for continuously increasing predictability, reliability and quality of their manufacturing processes. By reducing production variance and increasing yield, our products pay for themselves and generate substantial ongoing annual savings. With ever-tightening profit margins in an increasingly competitive environment, we are an essential element for the leaders in photovoltaic wafer, cell, and module manufacturing.

The Aurora team is led by experienced executives in process measurement, semiconductor manufacturing and industrial automation. We work closely with major solar product manufacturers and production equipment suppliers, and we are involved in research collaborations with leading institutions such as the International Solar Energy Research Center Konstanz and the University of Alberta.






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